Can Kids Use Adults’ Toothpaste? When is The Right Time?

Can kids use adult toothpaste? Are there any negatives if we do let them? Are they potentially missing out on the benefits of adult toothpaste by using children’s toothpaste?  These are all valid questions and as you’re walking through the dental hygiene aisle trying to pick toothpaste, many of them might run through your mind.  […]

Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry

Ever thought to include dentistry and artificial intelligence (also called AI) in the same sentence before? Even if the two seem completely disconnected to you, they actually work together often. In fact, there has recently been a lot of discussion about the potential impacts of artificial intelligence in dentistry. Wondering how dentistry AI could change […]

The Evolution of Pediatric Dentistry & Recent Advancements

dental technology

Children’s Dentistry: Past, Present, and Future Innovative pediatric dentistry practices are built on years of research and study, but that research probably goes back further than you think. Advances in pediatric dentistry have changed the way the dental community approaches children’s oral health. With each new development, dentists are able to improve upon treatment practices […]

Do Children Need Kids Mouthwash?

Many adults frequently use mouthwash to freshen their breath, rinse out food debris, and add an additional fluoride source. Kids’ mouthwash, however, is a more sensitive subject. Do kids need mouthwash and is it safe for them to use it?  Is fluoride bad for toddlers and young children? What about older children? When it comes […]

What Can Happen to Kids Who Don’t Brush Their Teeth

kids who don't brush their teeth

It’s rare that you find kids who really love the process of brushing their teeth properly, so kids who don’t brush their teeth well are a frequent frustration for many parents. Some parents may even wonder if it’s worth the battle to make sure their kids brush well and often enough. All dentists will tell […]

Can You Go to the Dentist While Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, there are a lot of new dos and don’ts, and it can be hard to keep track of what you should do and what you should avoid. Going to the dentist might be one of those things that seems confusing. Let’s clarify the rules when it comes to going to the dentist […]

Nose Breathing vs Mouth Breathing

Man, Sleeping and snoring

  Did you know that there’s a significant difference between nose vs mouth breathing? Not only do the sensations differ, but one is significantly more effective than the other at helping you get the oxygen your body needs.  Beyond that, while each way of breathing can have its benefits and drawbacks, one method rises above […]

Foods You Didn’t Know That Affect Your Mouth

Woman holding cupcake, but looking at large tooth. Food that's bad for teeth.

We know that foods can impact the health of your mouth. While some affect your mouth pretty much as expected, others might surprise you. Let’s look at the foods that can impact dental health and what you should do if you have gum pain after eating.  Foods That Can Harm Your Oral Health When it […]

Breathing Training Techniques For Better Health

Breathing,Inhale,Exhale, On Sign Lightbox

You’ve probably heard about using breathing techniques for stress relief, but do you know they’re beneficial? When you’re feeling stressed, your body responds to that stress in preparation for the danger it perceives ahead. While this bodily response, often called “fight or flight,” is necessary in truly dangerous situations, it can also be stoked by […]

Diabetes and Oral Health

Toothbrush next to sugar cubes

Your oral health can impact the rest of your body. What’s more, it can give you clues about other health conditions. If you struggle to maintain a healthy mouth, even with great oral hygiene practices, you may actually have other health concerns. Diabetes, for example, can cause a variety of dental issues. These can signal […]