Dr. Kami Hoss Resources and Dental Journey

For Dr. Kami Hoss, being a dental entrepreneur is all about one thing—finding ways to improve oral health for families across the nation. Whether it’s via time spent with patients and their families as an orthodontist, his appearances as a pediatric dental expert speaker or his book If Your Mouth Could Talk, Dr. Hoss is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise.

On this website, you’ll find a host of Dr Hoss resources designed to specifically provide value in the form of elite oral health. 

Best Dental Practices and Preventative Care Tips

Recognizing the significance of early dental care, he has established an array of informative materials and tools accessible through his platform. These resources encompass guidance on age-appropriate oral hygiene practices, tips for managing dental anxieties, and insights into developmental dental milestones. 

Dr. Hoss’s commitment extends to educational articles, engaging videos, and interactive content that empower parents with the knowledge to navigate their children’s oral care journey effectively. Through his unwavering dedication to parent education, Dr. Hoss ensures that families have the information and tools needed to instill lifelong oral wellness habits in their children.

Are you curious to find out more about Dr. Kami Hoss as a dental entrepreneur and discover more about each of his dental businesses? Read on to learn about Dr. Hoss’s dental entrepreneurship in San Diego and to see how he’s changing clients’ understanding of oral health as we know it.

The Super Dentists is the largest, most trusted, and top-awarded pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and parent dentistry practice in San Diego.

Founded by Dr. Hoss and his business partner and wife, Dr. Nazli Keri, The Super Dentists are known as the best pediatric dental practice in San Diego. The Super Dentists provide out-of-this-world, kid-centered dental care to help children build positive, joyful oral care experiences and feel like superheroes at every dental visit.

Dr. Hoss founded Howard Healthcare Academy for dental assistant students. Offering educational opportunities for professional development and learning via real-world tools and applications, students at Howard Healthcare Academy can begin or enrich their careers.

Students learn from working dentists to earn their dental assistant certificate in just 10 months with a modern approach. In addition to dental assistant training, the school also offers compliance and continuing education classes to maintain or upgrade dental assistant certificates.

With a vast assortment of continuing education courses, Dr Hoss and the Howard Healthcare Academy help dental professionals further their education, command a higher salary, and become more in-demand in a field that is constantly growing.

Created by Dr. Hoss and the expert orthodontic team at The Super Dentists, the Acceledontics system is a patented approach to effectively straightening teeth in record time. In just five simple steps, get an accelerated orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth faster with better results!

Our system uses smarter, expedited orthodontic treatment technology. With Acceledontics, patients experience more comfort and fantastic results in less time than with traditional methods.

Super Mouth

After years of parents asking Dr. Hoss and his colleagues to create their own line of toothbrushes, Dr. Hoss delivered. Super Mouth is a pioneering oral wellness platform revolutionizing dental care.

Conceived by Dr. Kami Hoss, a visionary in the field, offers a comprehensive approach to oral health with toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and a variety of other products. These products are shipped directly to your door as a subscription plan making high-quality dental care products available to everyone.

By merging convenience and expertise, Super Mouth stands as a testament to Dr. Hoss’s commitment to transforming dental health, fostering healthy smiles worldwide.


I have been bringing my daughter to The Super Dentists for 5 years! We originally started in Oceanside but moved to Escondido. We switched to the new location here in Escondido and I am very impressed! Staff if super friendly and helpful. Of course, the entire Super Dentists family is amazing! We still love our Oceanside office too!
Renee M.
Yelp 5-Star Review
As a preoperative nurse by training, I applaud and appreciate all the extraordinary measures your team has taken to keep your staff and your patients safe. My family and I have always felt extremely fortunate to be patients and this past visit deepened those sentiments, Thank you for keeping your patients the #1 priority.
Healthcare Professional & Super Dad
I loved my instructor and especially enjoyed the Radiation Safety, Coronal Polish, Dental Practice Act and Infection Control classes. I appreciated the clean environment and knowledgeable instruction and highly recommend Howard Healthcare Academy.
Faith M., Howard Healthcare Academy Graduate
Dental Assisting Program

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