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Woman uses mouthwash

Could Your Mouthwash Be a Silent Killer? Uncovering the Alarming Health Risks

Just like we can’t simply say if food is good or bad for you without considering the type of food, the same applies to mouthwash. The key lies in its ingredients and whether it contains alcohol, antimicrobial agents, or whether it’s acidic or alkaline. To be sure, there are many things we ingest that are […]

Healthy foods for teeth and gums for children

Your Kids’ Diet Could Be Affecting Their Oral Health

…But not in the way you think! Most people think that sugar is the main reason behind cavities. That’s only a partial truth. While consuming too much sugar can certainly contribute to the development of cavities, there’s a lot more that goes into a healthy (or unhealthy) mouth. So when it comes to keeping your […]

Young girl with a toothache touches her mouth while wincing in pain

How to Get Rid of a Toothache Naturally

Young, old, or in-between, toothaches are never fun. The best way to see what’s going on in you or your child’s mouth if a toothache appears to be the problem is to visit a dentist and let them provide a diagnosis! But barring that, there are several natural remedies you may wish to try first. […]

Baby drools saliva

The Silent Guardian: How Saliva Protects Your Oral Health

Drool. Spit. Sputum. By any other name, it’s all saliva! But this often-joked-about oral substance is more than may first meet the eye or…well…mouth! While some might think it “gross,” the truth is that saliva is actually one of your mouth’s unsung heroes. Think of it like a silent guardian, serving the following functions: Delivering […]

Cavities in a mouth

What Causes Cavities? Understanding the Truth

If you’re like most people, you probably think cavities happen when you eat too much candy and don’t brush your teeth enough, but get this — the real story behind these pesky holes in your teeth is way more complicated. Stick with me and I’ll fill you in on what’s really causing your cavities. What […]

Woman in dental chair going through oral treatment

Antibiotics, Prebiotics, and Probiotics in Oral Care: Harnessing Nature’s Wisdom

Our mouths contain a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria that can easily be disrupted, leading to oral health issues. Antibiotics, prebiotics, and oral care probiotics each play a unique role in harnessing the wisdom of nature to care for our oral microbiome. What Do Antibiotics Do? Antibiotics are antimicrobial substances that destroy or […]

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