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Dr. Hoss has written a book, coming out in 2022, connecting the dots between oral health and whole-body health, and makes the argument for the medical and dental fields to join together for the collective benefit of patients by employing a holistic and all-inclusive approach to their care.

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What Does Your Breath Say About Your Body?

You already know your breath can give away information like the last time you brushed your teeth or what you had for lunch. It can actually tell you a lot more than that. In fact, your breath could tell you about your overall health, too.  What Your Breath Can Tell You About Your Oral Health […]


How Stress Impacts Dental Health

Stress can impact almost every facet of your health and well-being, and your dental health is not exempt. When you’re stressed, you might be surprised by the number of ways it can negatively affect your mouth.  How Stress Affects Your Body We all know the telltale signs of stress. You might notice your heart beating […]


Getting the Most From Flossing

It’s not news that flossing is an essential part of your oral health routine. That you won’t get the maximum benefit if you don’t floss correctly may be a good reminder to up your flossing game.  What Does Flossing Do? Floss is an essential step in your dental health routine because it’s able to get […]


Water Flosser: Demystifying This New Trend

You’ve heard about water flossing and have probably seen a water flosser or two at the store. It likely left you wondering, “How do water flossers work?” You’re not alone. Water flossing isn’t new, but it has recently gained in popularity. We’ll dive into it and answer your most pressing questions.  What Is a Water […]


Teeth Filing – The Horrible Tik Tok Trend

Trends in the health and beauty industries come and go, and they are often made more popular through social media. While some of them are harmless, like dyeing your hair pink or making your own kombucha, others can be harmful. One of the latest trends to circulate is teeth filing. Sounds bad? That’s because it […]

What's keeping parents up at night when it comes to dental health

Dr. Kami Hoss talks about why he decided to write a book about oral health (coming out in 2022) and eases patients’ minds about dental visits being safe.

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