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Early on in his career, Dr. Hoss realized orthodontics was his calling. The most “artistic” of all dental disciplines, it involves an understanding of balance, proportions, and a craft-like capacity to fashion structures tailored to individual faces, while at the same time requiring a rigorous understanding of physics. 

The Super Dentists has grown into one of the largest dentist-owned chains in the nation. The practice has served hundreds of thousands of patients over the past 24 years. Dr. Hoss and Dr. Nazli Keri, his co-founder and wife, have transformed a business that is typically feared and/or hated and turned it into one where kids literally beg to visit.

Dr. Hoss’ has a gift for connecting and engaging in a genuine way and he willingly speaks, teaches and shares his vast dental and business knowledge. 

Areas of expertise include:

  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Orthodontics
  • Genetics, Epigenetics & Microbiomes
  • Oral Health’s Impact on Pregnancy
  • Identifying oral health issues in children
  • Sleep/Breathing issues related to oral health
  • Psychological impacts of dental health
  • Mouth-Body Connection – Systemic Health Link

Oral Health and COVID

Dr. Hoss is an expert on the connection between oral health and whole-body health. Since dental offices reopened from mandatory shutdown in California this spring, Dr. Hoss has been interviewed by more than 100 media outlets covering a variety of topics targeted to various audiences including parents, the dental community, patients and the general public.

Topics he’s covered include:

  • Why oral health care should be a priority during the pandemic
  • COVID’s impact on the dental industry & small business
  • Safety protocols and patient experience changes
  • The surprising link between COVID and your oral health

Upcoming Events

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Oral Health & Pregnancy
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Every time JA San Diego has called on Dr. Hoss for support, whether it is renewing his commitment for the JA BizTown storefront, sponsoring job shadow events or giving a keynote to our JA Company Program students via Zoom, he has been there.

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