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Make Mouthcare a Playground, Not a Chore (for Kids and Parents)

Ditch the chore, embrace the adventure! Our science-backed, age-appropriate kits make oral care a joyful journey for every family

SuperMouth’s safe and effective age-adapted oral care puts the fun back in brushing for families

From birth to teens, and into adulthood – SuperMouth ensures every child receives personalized mouth-care to cater to their unique risk factors and flavor preferences.

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Customize by age, risk potential for cavities, and personal preference

Introducing the world’s first and only mouth care systems for every phase in life — everything you need to make mouths super: toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes, floss products, pH balancing mouth spray, tongue scrapers, accessories, and more.

Formulated for the unique needs of every member of your family

Founded by world-class dentists, our mouth care products are designed in a way, that when used together, provide unique benefits to your family’s oral health such as:

“From the design of the box (and everything inside) to the graphics and packaging, and to how safe and effective all the ingredients are, my whole family is a huge fan of supermouth.”

Michael S.

My 13-year-old loves this set, even being a cool 13-year-old as he is. I actually really like the flavors and the whole system as well. My wife is a dental hygienist and also appreciates the ingredients that go into everything, very safe and effective.”


I have no idea how SuperMouth can afford having these products at such a low price for their memberships (subscriptions) but I’ll take it. In addition to good ingredients and unique designs, the packaging is also pretty impressive.

Carl H.

Feel confident with safe & effective products engineered by dentists and backed by scientific research

lnvented by dentists with over 25 years of clinical experience, SuperMouth™ products are designed to clean, protect, and balance the mouth’s natural microbiome using only the safest and most effective ingredients, with superhero characters and ice cream flavors that make brushing fun

The ingredients used in SuperMouth products are safe and effective and include a patent-pending formulation, Hydroxamin™, which contains:


a naturally occurring mineral that can strengthen, protect, and supplement teeth.

pH Balancing ingredients

like xylitol and inulin helping reduce harmful bacteria, which decreases tooth decay.


to help feed good bacteria, so the oral microbiome is balanced to fight disease

Nothing Mouthrageous®

no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, GMO’s, alcohol, or SLS.

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