Choosing the Right Type of Toothpaste for Your Needs

Toothpaste question marks

Great oral health starts with great habits. Using high-quality toothpaste that’s right for your teeth will help you maintain optimal dental health. That said, there are many types of toothpaste so you might not be sure which one you should use. You don’t want to just pick up anything off the shelf and put it […]

What Are the Causes of Dry Mouth?

Woman with a cracked tongue indicating dry mouth

Saliva is an essential component in your mouth that helps maintain oral health. Without enough saliva, you may be more susceptible to tooth decay since the saliva helps to wash away bacteria and food. While there are preventative measures you can take to prevent dry mouth, sometimes these measures do not work, as your dry […]

Strengthen Teeth and Gums Naturally: Tips for Managing Sensitivity

Young woman brushing her teeth

As much as 30% of the population is affected by tooth sensitivity. It can be annoying, frustrating, and painful at times. The good news is that there are a number of natural ways to learn how to strengthen your teeth and gums so you don’t have to experience sensitivity. In this article, we’ll explore seven […]

How Often Should You Floss? Learn How to Floss Properly

Father and son flossing

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential for not only a healthy smile but a healthy body overall. Brushing your teeth is generally seen as the benchmark for oral health, but the work doesn’t stop there. Flossing and most importantly, knowing how to floss correctly is just as important as brushing. Unfortunately, many people don’t know […]

Why Do I Grind My Teeth? 10 Causes of Teeth Grinding

A woman has jaw pain after teeth grinding

Are you curious about what causes teeth grinding? There are a few things you should know about teeth grinding (often called bruxism by dentists). One is that it’s common for people to grind their teeth at any time of day. Some people grind their teeth during the day, continuously. Other people grind their teeth at […]

Tooth Structure 101: Breaking Down the Structure of a Tooth

Diagram of the structure of a tooth

With each trip to the dentist, there is a lot of focus on dental care, oral hygiene, and of course, paying for your dental work. But how well does your dentist help you understand the tooth structure itself and the complex ins and outs of your tooth? You may not realize it, but your teeth […]

Tooth Enamel Loss: How to Restore Tooth Enamel Naturally

Dental examination

Tooth enamel is a protective layer on the surface of our teeth, made up of a hard mineral substance called hydroxyapatite. It is the outermost layer of the tooth and plays a vital role in protecting our teeth from daily wear and tear, decay, and sensitivity. Tooth enamel loss can occur due to various reasons, […]

What Do Healthy Teeth Look Like? A Deep Dive into Healthy Teeth and Gums

A young girl in a dentist’s chair with a beaming white smile

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to having healthy teeth and gums. Not only do healthy teeth and gums improve your appearance and self-confidence, but they also play a vital role in your overall health and well-being. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a deep dive into healthy teeth and gums, and discussing the […]

What is the Oral Microbiome? Here’s What You Need to Know

Image depicting a oral microbiome

Your oral microbiome is highly misunderstood and in fact, many people don’t even know this exists. Within your mouth is a community of microorganisms that play a vital role in your overall health.  In this guide, we’ll explain what your oral microbiome is and how your habits and diet impact the health of your mouth.  […]

Make the Most of Your Mouth with Oral Health Resources from Dr. Kami Hoss

Dad and daughter brushing their teeth

Every single day we discover another connection between our oral and overall health. Whether you look at the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, and even death; the risk instantly becomes higher when you ignore your dental health.  For the past twenty six years, I have worked on building one of the leading multi-specialty dental […]