FORBES: Dr. Kami Hoss: Gingivitis: Causes And Treatment in 2022

Gingivitis: Causes And Treatment READ ON FORBES:  Donna Christiano Campisano Plaque often leads to gingivitis, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, especially where the gum and tooth meet. Your mouth naturally produces plaque—a sticky, nearly invisible film that coats teeth—and if you regularly remove it with brushing and flossing, it typically doesn’t cause problems, according […]

What Is Black Hairy Tongue?

Have you ever seen what looks like a black hairy tongue? This condition may sound (and look) alarming, but it’s thankfully not as scary as it sounds. When the typically small bumps on top of your tongue—called filiform papillae—grow longer than their normal 1 millimeter and don’t shed the way they are supposed to, they […]

How to Cure Gum Disease Without a Dentist

If you have gum disease, it’s important to do everything you can to help resolve it, including starting gum disease treatment at home. Learning how to cure gum disease without a dentist can be just as important as the work that’s done in your dentist’s office. Causes of Gum Disease Gum disease typically begins as […]

San Diego Moms: What I Learned About My Kid’s Teeth

I’ve always thought teeth were high-maintenance. The process of brushing, flossing and gargling while ensuring you do your twice-a-year check-ups can be exhausting. Then, you have children and the work doubles. But, over the years, I’ve learned that dental care is about more than just aesthetics or having chompers to eat yummy foods — it’s […]

How To Drain Tooth Abscess With Home Remedies | 2022 | Dr. Kami Hoss

How to Drain a Tooth Abscess at Home If you experience dental pain and think you have a tooth abscess, you might hope you can take care of it at home. You may wonder how to drain a tooth abscess at home or what your tooth abscess treatment options will be. Find out what you […]

How To Prevent and Fix Receding Gums | Treatment & Causes | Dr. Kami Hoss

How to Fix Receding Gums Receding gums are a common problem, yet few people understand what to do about receding gums treatment. First, it’s important to understand what causes receding gums so that you can learn how to stop receding gums from getting worse. Here’s what you should know. What Causes Receding Gums? Receding gums […]