US News & Report: Best Teeth Whiteners Which Option is Best for Achieving a Brighter Smile?

OTC Whiteners vs. In-Office Whitening Treatments

Over-the-counter products like Crest Whitestrips are different from the whitening products used during an office visit with a dentist, in several ways, with a big one being how they adhere to the teeth. “A whitening strip only covers a little of the teeth. On the other hand, in an office, the whitening treatment would be more thorough and cover more surface area of the teeth,” Rashti says.

There’s also a question of how quickly you’ll see results. Orthodontist Dr. Kami Hoss, founder of The Super Dentists, a multi-specialty dental practice based in Southern California, and author of, “If Your Mouth Could Talk: An In-Depth Guide to Oral Health and Its Impact on Your Entire Life,” notes that “most over-the-counter products used for teeth whitening contain a concentration of peroxide from 3% to 10%, while the whitener that’s used at a dentist’s office is closer to 40%.”

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