Slowing The COVID Spread

COVID-19 has become a part of our daily lives now, both as a nation and as part of a global society. It has changed the way we go about our lives and the way we look at the world around us. As cases continue to ebb and flow, we’ve learned about how to adjust, what […]

Why Is Oral Health Important?

why is oral health important

Have you ever found yourself cajoling your children into brushing their teeth properly and thought, “Why am I doing this?” Sure, healthy, sparkling teeth is one benefit, but is there more to it? There certainly is—in fact, oral health and overall health are more connected than you think.    Oral Health and Overall Health Oral […]

Children’s Oral Health Exams Are Essential to Their School Career

California is one of several states that legally requires a yearly dental screening for school-aged children. Wondering why? Dr. Kami Hoss, dental expert, dentist, and dad can explain.  Dr. Kami Hoss talks with KTLA about school dental exams required for kids starting kindergarten and first grade and the many reasons why taking care of their […]