The Silent Guardian: How Saliva Protects Your Oral Health

Baby drools saliva

Drool. Spit. Sputum. By any other name, it’s all saliva! But this often-joked-about oral substance is more than may first meet the eye or…well…mouth!

While some might think it “gross,” the truth is that saliva is actually one of your mouth’s unsung heroes.

Think of it like a silent guardian, serving the following functions:

  • Delivering essential nutrients.
  • Providing antibodies to ward off infections.
  • Depositing minerals into tooth enamel, like a mini superhero safeguarding your smile.

But what’s a hero without a sidekick? A leading actor without a supporting actor? A lead vocalist without a bassist or drummer? A Mario without a Luigi?…

How Oral pH & Saliva Work Together to Enable Optimal Oral Health

Good oral health is about much more than just brushing or even flossing.

Maintaining optimal pH levels of between 6.7 to 7.4 is super important to ensuring that your mouth doesn’t become a breeding ground for acid-loving bad bacteria that can wreak havoc on your oral cavity, causing everything from tooth damage, to cavities, to gum disease.

Saliva provides a protective barrier, acting like a “guardian” for teeth and gums, sure. But did you know that a diet rich in sugary foods and drinks, processed carbs, and acidic substances can upset not only the overall oral pH balance, but also the actual pH of saliva itself? Scary but true…

Saliva test

What’s the Takeaway?

It’s important to practice good oral hygiene and eat the above foods that may contribute to suboptimal oral health by decreasing saliva’s pH in moderation.

It’s also important to choose your oral care products carefully because most have not been created with things like the oral microbiome or oral pH balance in mind.

Choose Oral Care Products that Promote Healthy Saliva pH

What’s the secret to a healthy mouth? A large part of it is about balance─pH balance, that is! Your saliva’s pH level in particular plays a starring role in keeping your mouth healthy.

By choosing the right products and keeping your oral care routine on point, you can promote that perfect balance rather than destroying it, giving your saliva a fighting chance to do what it was meant to: be a guardian for your mouth.

Looking for oral care products that promote a healthy saliva pH? Check out these super products:

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